21st September
Check in for the contest is Friday 23rd September from 18:00 - 20:00 hrs in the Stable Bar at Fistral,
or, at 08:00 hrs- at the Stable bar.
Make sure you give Minnow your registration number for parking.
21st September
The contest entry portal is now  CLOSED.

                                      The contest is ON, bring strong boards !!!
2nd September
The third and final competition of the year will be held at Fistral beach on the weekend
of the 24th-25th September.
The main sponsor is ‘The Stable’ bar and restaurant at the north end of the beach.
Many thanks to them for again sponsoring the final event this year.
Keep an eye on this site for further details of arrangements during the contest.
The contest portal is now open for entry by PayPal.
The contest portal will close at noon 21st September with the contest called at 6pm 21st September.
The back up dates for this event are  1st - 2nd   October

                                                     Competition parking arrangements
Free parking for competitors all day Saturday and Sunday (one registration per competitor).
Campervans are free for competitors from;
18:30 hrs Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and all day Saturday and Sunday, and leaving before 9:00 hrs on Monday. Any additional time required can be purchased.
For this offer, all competitors wanting parking must provide Minnow (email or text)  their registrations as a back up to their entry by Close of competitor entries on Wednesday noon 21st September. This is so the names and registrations can be entered into the system in time for the event. Registrations are need to be given clearly so they can be entered correctly into the system.
Campervans that are coming to the contest but not with a competitor it is half price (£10 a night); this can be purchased at the surf hire which is open 9am-5.30pm.
To contact Minnow
email:  minnowgreen@yahoo.co.uk
Mob:   07970955658

Entry Fees
For 2016 the entry fees for the events have been increased. The fees have been held down for a couple of years but they have been raised to reflect the increased costs of judging, other operating costs and the provision of Tee shirts to competitors.
The 2016 entry fees are:
All adult divisions £30
All Junior divisions £15

ISA world Longboard Championship rules on length
ISA Article here.
"All longboards were measured prior to the at the ISA World Longboard Championships at Huanchaco, Peru and a large number were found to be less than the minimum regulation 9' 0".  Some boards were borderline along the rocker but many were rejected for the competition up to 2 inches short including one board of Team GB.
ISA ruling: Length is a minimum of 9 feet from the tip of the board in a straight line along its deck.
This year at the WLC, borderline boards were able to be botched to  increase the length but it is my understanding, that this will not be repeated at future ISA Longboard events. In order that this doesn't happened to the equipment of British Competitors next season, organisers are going to to measure boards at the coming BLU Valero Classic (just to raise awareness) and before all legs of the BLU Season 2014.  It would be helpful for competitors to speak with their shapers to ensure that in future boards are the regulation minimum length." 
The British Longboard Union 2016
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