2022 Contest Portal and resource page
All competitors must be a member of a surf club affiliated to Surfing England, Welsh Surfing Federation, Scottish Surfing Federation  or the Channel Islands.

For age limited divisional entries;

•             U16’s and U18’s must be of or under those respective ages before the 1st January of the year of competition.
•             Also, Masters (40yrs) and GrandMasters (50yrs) must be over those respective ages before the 1st  January of the year of competition.

All contestants (including Juniors) must ride boards of 9 ft  or over in length with the exception of the Single fin division (9’ 6”).

All competitors must be insured through their club or directly via Surfing GB/Surfing England.
For those wishing to compete, please make yourself aware of the various information provided below.
Longboard Judging Section of the ISA Manual
Single Fin competition rules and criteria.  
ISA 2021 rule book 

If you have any queries, please contact Minnow Green

The Porthmeor Longboard Classic 2022
Please read the entry page instructions carefully. There will be no cash entries due to Covid precautions and the pain of having to go to the bank using fuel we have not got!
Porthmeor entry link below